Your Camera Strap: Are you Using it Wrong?

How to put the strap on your camera

When you remove the camera tape, take a picture of the accessories to see how to mount it again.

If you didn’t know that this little piece of rubber rectangle on your camera strap (if it exists) is actually an eye mask for longer exposures. Avoid light leakage through the eyepiece!

Repair the tips

Are you irritating the floating tails? If so, there is a way to fix it.

If there are small plastic necklaces on the strap, make sure it is under the loop at the end of the strap. Then insert the strap from the outside into the camera clip.

Then you pass the end through the plastic collar and pull it to the end.

Now move the free end of the loop. However, do not first do the bottom, but first at the top and then at the bottom. In this way, the remaining band is not hidden, but hidden.

Use your strap for better pictures

1. Use the belt as a stabilizer to reduce camera movement. Place your elbows on your body, move the camera away and tighten the strap. This voltage helps to stabilize the camera and also works when movies are recorded.

2. Press the belt when shooting at a low angle to stabilize the camera.

3. If you do not have a tripod, place the camera on a tripod and straighten it with the tape under the lens. If you want the camera to point down, place the tape under the camera body.

Loop to avoid errors.

1. Place the camera on a table, place it on the belt, as if sitting in a small living room. In this way, no one can accidentally remove the camera from the table when turning on the belt. If someone pours water on the table, the camera is slightly raised to prevent it from getting wet.

2. If you use the camera on a tripod, the band may cause a blur due to the wind. When shooting, hold the tape or remove it completely when you are on a tripod. Another solution is to get a belt that is easy to put on and take off.

Convenient conveyor

Consider buying a more comfortable belt. Some have extra padding and stretch (neoprene) and can be a little wider. They sit more comfortably around the neck and can reduce the pressure when using a heavier device.

Film’s favorite band for event photography.

Phil uses a shoulder strap (Black Rapid) to photograph the event. It hangs easily on the shoulder and leaves your hands free when you are not shooting. The camera slides easily on the bracelet when you need it.

But careful use of the strap is the way it is connected to the camera. It is screwed into the stand hole in the bottom of the chamber. This can be a problem, because if the screw comes off, the camera may fall to the ground.You can do two things about it. If you place it first, first moisten the small rubber seal between the mounting bracket and the camera. This seems to help. Secondly, regularly check the screws’ tightening and tighten if necessary.

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